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Entrepreneur You (EY), LLC is business development company who works with new and existing businesses to improve marketing strategies, reformulate business models and re-launch business brands. 


In our Resource Data Management and Technology Services (RDMTS) department, we assist in managing client data and financials. This is navigated through recommending and implementing the right business hardware /software technology tools that fits their business infrastructure, with greater efficiency.

EY facilitates two departments: 1) Business Development Services (BDS), 2) Resource Data Management & Technology Services (RDMTS). 

1) Business Development Services is designed to help insure business growth. A business specialist is assigned to assist in creating/re-tooling marketing plan strategies, effective business model layout and/or business planning with launch execution.

2) Our Resource Data Management and Technology Services department operates in two concentrations:
A) Develop industry-specific data management systems enabling businesses to manage their client financial data with greater efficiency. This is navigated through the process of utilizing the right software and hardware technology that fits the business model.
B) Facilitate empowerment course courses and workshops on critical matters that affect businesses, individuals and families regarding social economic differentials.  Two key classes we teach are:
MoneyManagerU (MMU): Managing Your Money, Debt & Personal Expenses.
CreditManagerU (CMU): Take Control of Your Credit Reporting & Scores.

Our Assignment
To assist the visionary in the development of their Business Brand: Identify the proper marketing tactics for their product/services in a maximizing effort to showcase their Brand.  Address Realtime Business Issues, then begin resolving and moving towards the production of expected tangible results. To continue making the adjustments of strategies and behaviors in the context of the business necessary for success in today's market driven climate.

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